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Contact Us

Justin Koziol -
Owner / Editor In Chief
I have been working with computers at a young age. Fixing computers for teachers through my school years. I discovered overclocking and been hooked on computer hardware. I combined my love of computers and the desire to build websites and created this site.

Devin Zuczek -
Writer / Editor
Devin been in computers for years. He is always the first to try out something new. In his spare times you can find him programming away or DJing.

JFettig (Founder)-
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About us
WaterCooling 101 was created in July 2002. Jon (aka JFettig), the sites founder, wanted a site dedicated to water cooling and the extreme cooling of computer components. with the help of Justin the webmaster and the host, his dream came true. Word spread quickly and within just a few months the average number of hits per week reached 39,000! WaterCooling 101 is dedicated to bringing you the latest news and reviews water cooling technology has to offer.

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If you like to be a affiliate, or link to us, please email Justin, with some information about your site. ( Daily unique hits, etc.)

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